Succubus (Grimoire of Gaia 3) (旧版)

名称 Succubus (Grimoire of Gaia 3)
版本 1.0.0
作者 Model by Silentine, ported by V972
文件大小 5 KB
创建日期 2021-01-25 23:27:47
上传者 Companion Cube (V972)
下载 Succubus (Grimoire of Gaia 3).zip

Succubus mob model

from the mod Grimoire of Gaia 3.

Model features:

-- Supports all player features.
-- Custom fitting armor (supports all vanilla and in theory modded armor).
-- Parrots sit on horns.
-- Wings become large enough to glide when equipping elytra and take appropriate position when gliding.


-- Original model by Silentine

Ported and uploaded with developer's permission (link to Discord message).
If you find any bugs or have suggestions, find me on Discord: V972#8352.


-- V 1.0.0 Initial upload.

Companion Cube (V972)
Companion Cube (V972)

I forgot to mention that her hair also always faces the ground and folds (sorta) when looking down.

2021-01-26 22:03:41