lucario (旧版)

名称 lucario
版本 1.0
作者 zerustu
文件大小 9 KB
创建日期 2021-11-07 17:19:17
上传者 zerustu

hey, this is the 1.12 lucarion model. You are free to modify it and repost it. (if you repost it with 0 changes, say my pseudo but if you change something, than it is yours)

It have custom walking and running animation. if you want to know how i made the animation, you can ask me on discord (▄█▀zerustu▀█▄#0075 or on the CPM discord the short explanation is that i have a tool that convert blockbench animation to a sum of sin and cossin function. the walking timer is use to know where whe are in the animation, when walking it gos up and when you stop walking, a strange function get it to the nearest round value (or half value) to get a smooth transition.

the tool used to make the animation can be found here :