Ori (旧版)

名称 Ori
版本 1.0
作者 zerustu
文件大小 14 KB
创建日期 2022-02-02 23:32:56
上传者 zerustu
下载 Ori.zip

Ori model. this model was sugested by Rex Anivius#3891 on discord.

If you want you can ask me on discord (▄█▀zerustu▀█▄#0075) about how the model work, how i made it and all the files and tools.

This model is for 1.12. a 1.16 version model with more animation here : http://cpmmod.top/model/200

there is a walking, runing and crouch walking animation and a double jump(frontflip) animation.

the backflip animation is not the best and the model is really heavy, so you can find here the model without the backflip animation (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1goGytWMPlLziG48k-2aSqvFmEFXRD7pT?usp=sharing).

If you want to know, the animation are made in blockbench (the same tool to make the model) and then converted to json command using the tool : https://github.com/val9k/CPM_1.12_animation_tool

also with the credit: thanks to the CPM creator Gamepiaynmo thanks to art0007i#2305 for the shape of the head (i stol the head from his avali model. go check his model here https://discord.gg/2yjgSj2fMd) thanks to Rex Anivius#3891 for the idea and everyone one the CPM discord