Sapient Chicken

模型 ID wk_chicken
名称 Sapient Chicken
作者 WolfKat
文件大小 11 KB
更新日期 2021-01-23 19:23:40
创建日期 2020-06-27 05:21:36
上传者 WolfKat

Thoroughly tested on Forge 1.12.2. Approach usage with caution on other versions or Fabric, maybe! I haven't tested elsewhere.

This model is quite simple and took loose guidance from the Vanilla chickens of MC. There will be obvious differences while still fitting well into the game's Vanilla visual style.

My custom chicken here is known as a "Sapient Chicken." I originally created this for a close friend of mine, and decided this would be fun to share with others on this site. It's my second time creating a cusom model after finding this CPM mod in the past week. My first one is a personal model that's a bit messy, but taught me a lot on how the system works and I got to apply what I learned, to this little fellow.

Little unique touches to Sapient Chicken:

  • It bobs its head when moving around!
  • The body language will change depending on having low hunger and/or health. (I intend to use these health/hunger states for all my models)
  • The beak is an actual mouth that can open and close for the animations on this model.
  • All Vanilla armor has its own custom-fitted models on the chicken with its own textures! (You can freely edit these textures if you want to make them unique - just don't change the file names) -- Note: Leather won't be dyeable. I wasn't quite sure if there'd be a way to make that work from what I have learned/practiced so far...
  • Watch the feathery friend as it's in the air! It has its own flapping wings that can still show the held items properly.
Companion Cube (V972)
Companion Cube (V972)

It has problems with elytra flying, but then again, every non-humanoid model does. Great model overall!

2020-07-23 19:45:20

I'm replying late after such a busy couple of months, but thank you for the feedback! I'll have to learn more about the elytras and see if I can improve on them in my future projects. I appreciate the heads up!

2020-09-16 00:21:54